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My Romance

My Romance

Matt Henry

April 2nd, 2018


For a while now my music has been gypsy jazz and my muse has been the inimitable Tom King, my accordionist. If this is me talking to the camera on a trashy reality TV show about the BDC, what I want you guys to know is that I couldn’t think more highly of the guy as a musician and a friend. With one possible exception….

Oh man do I wish he’d maintain this website for me. I mean with me.

Since our early days picking up the slack at the Lobsterboy Revue burlesque show, we’ve always had an effortless rapport. And of course I wouldn’t dream of straining our blissed-out band dynamic with anything so tiresome as a demand for website administration or online content creation. But damn, if homeboy wanted to borrow the keys to I’d be tossing them straight over and being all like “Just be careful, son.”

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