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I (Occasionally) Get Ideas

I (Occasionally) Get Ideas

Matt Henry

January 16th, 2018


I believe it was this past summer: we were taking a set break at a gig in Arlington and our friend and fellow musician Ken Avis was there with his wife, the vocalist Lynn Veronneau. Ken offered us a spot in the Passport To The World concert series at The Creative Cauldron. I said yes at the time and even went so far as to declare that it would be a suitable goal to have our first CD recorded by then. Ken thought a CD release concert was a capital idea.

Fast forward to last night and you’ll find me putting the finishing touches on twelve mixes of some of our favorite old vocal numbers while Tom masters each on in turn. The files were submitted this morning and fingers crossed we’ll have two hundred freshly burned CDs ready for folks on Friday the 26th at the aforementioned concert.

I have an A-Team quotation in mind but I’ll spare you. Now go get yourself a ticket already.

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