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Gig Recap: DCLX 2013

Gig Recap: DCLX 2013

Matt Henry

August 14th, 2013


The Washington DC Lindy Exchange ( apparently just keeps getting bigger and better. We only see a tiny fraction of all the dancing and craziness, ┬ábut it’s still pretty exceptional. This year, we played an outdoor event on Sunday afternoon at Dupont Circle. There must have been a hundred dancers as well as a short list of great deejays. David Soltysik (RetryRhythms on YouTube) shot some clips and Devon Rowland (Devon Rowland Photography) shared some photos on Facebook that really captured the spirit of the event, or at least our little corner of it. It’s hard to think how much dancing the folks in the clips below had already done over the course of the weekend by that point. Lindy hoppers have stamina, among other things.

Amplifying gypsy jazz guitars for any sort of live performances is, quite frankly, a pain the ass. We’re constantly looking into new nerdy gear options and frequently wrestling with questionable sound at challenging venues. The big takeaway for me from this year’s DCLX was how little any of that matters when you play for the lindy hoppers in the District. They have greater awareness of what the music is doing and, unlike pretty much anyone else who hears us, they’re familiar with all the old timey tunes we play. But more than that, they just have great energy, focus, and enthusiasm that washes over and through any irksome sound problems.

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